Javascript for Beginners
This is a 5-part course that will help you get up and running with Javascript. It was originally designed for some of my classmates but I figured it could be useful for anyone who was willing to learn.
Part 1 - The Basics
  1. Create an array of size 10 and use a for-loop to fill each piece of the array with it's index multiplied by 3.
  2. Create an object named person and give it the properties: name (string), age (number), interests (array of strings), and talk (method).
  3. Write an if statement that checks your persons age. If it's equal to 20, less than 20, or greater than 20, display a different message. (remember to use ===)
  4. Create a function that adds two numbers and one that subtracts two numbers.
  5. Create a function that takes as parameters two numbers and a function (add or subtract from hw2) and returns the result of that function invoked with those numbers.
Part 2 - Advanced Javascript
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Five